NFPA 2013 Standards Are Coming. Are you ready?

SCBA (Air-Pak)

Key Changes to NFPA 1981/1982 SCBA Requirements

Scott Safety Air-PakEnd-of-Service Time Indicator (EOSTI) will move from 25% to 33% (with a tolerance of -0%, +5% or
33% – 38%) of the cylinder’s operating pressure.

The NFPA committee worked with NIOSH to
establish minimum performance and approval requirements for Emergency Breathing Support Systems (EBSS), or “Buddy Breathers”.

There will also be a universal PASS Alarm, so that all devices, regardless of the manufacturer, will have the same sound.

Current Standard New Standard
guage_25 guage_33
SCBA Cylinder Pressure Alarm point at 25% Alarm point at 33%
2216 550 730
3000 750 1000
4500 1125 1500
5500 1375 1825

What does this mean to you, as a fire department?

The EOSTI Increase from 25% to 33% was developed to increase the remaining air capacity once the low air alarm activates. However, this change will also reduce the total amount of working time available to the firefighter. Many departments, particularly those currently using 30-minute cylinders, may decide to increase the duration of their cylinders, to provide sufficient working time.

The use of Emergency Breathing Support Systems will be approved for use in an emergency situation. In the past, the units were approved to be on the SCBA but not approved for use. All PASS Devices will now sound the same and there will be more consistent alarms on the fire ground. It could reduce potential confusion in mutual aid situations. However, the new sound will be different from the current sound for any manufacturer.

Listen to the new Universal PASS sound:

Scott has submitted 2 models of our Air-Pak SCBA for NFPA 2013 Edition 1981 and 1982 approval. We plan to continue offering the fireground-proven Air-Pak 75 (AP75) SCBA, with modifications to the low air alarm set-points, electronics, and PASS sound to meet 2013 requirements. We are also introducing a new Air-Pak platform, the Air-Pak X3, which will further raise the bar for SCBA performance.

Introducing the Scott Safety Air-Pak X3

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Introducing the Air-Pak X3

Scott Safety is proud to introduce the newest member of the Air-Pak family, the Scott Air-Pak X3. The Scott Air-Pak is the most reliable, easy-to-use, and durable SCBA on the market.
The Air-Pak X3 builds on this legacy of trust, while adding a new set of advanced technology to enhance user comfort, safety, and performance in fireground applications.
Learn more about the X3 at